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Women Clothing 8 PACK PAIRS DailyShoes Round Hiking Shoelaces Strong Durable Vestigial Elian Demure Soren BTFVIAUAG



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synthetic(8 PAIR PACKS) Please note that DailyShoes is a registered trademark. Shoes19 is the ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER of our products. Please make sure to buy from Shoes19 to ensure you receive the accurate item. Shoes19 is not responsible for other sellers selling a different, inferior quality of our products.DailyShoes Hiking Boot Shoelaces - Durable Laces for Boots. STYLISH DESIGN Available in numerous solid and two-tone colors to match your boots and your outfits. ULTRA STRONG Durable construction allows the shoelaces to hold up well to wear and tear. PERFECT FOR BOOTS many different lengths to fit hiking boots perfectly. FRAY-RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION Wax ends help to keep the shoelaces from separating. A LACE FOR EACH BOOT Shoelaces are sold in a pair for your convenience.You can't stay comfortable on the trail if you can't lace up your boots tightly and securely, so the shoelaces that you wear in your hiking shoes matter. With the DailyShoes Hiking Boot Shoelaces, you can be certain that you're getting the absolute best laces for hiking to keep your feet supported!IDEAL FOR HIKING. The DailyShoes Hiking Boot Shoelaces were designed specifically with the needs of hikers in mind to offer an unparalleled experience when you're on the trail. The extra thick laces stay tightly looped and knotted to cut down on the need for retying, the laces are perfect for taller hiking boots.FINALLY SHOELACES THAT LAST! Your shoelaces can easily get snagged and caught when you're hiking, so you need a pair of laces that is really meant to last. DailyShoes Hiking Boot Shoelaces are crafted out of the absolute finest of materials to resist wear and tear on the trail. The waxed ends keep the laces from fraying, and the covering will stay in place even with frequent wear to keep your laces protected.

8 PACK PAIRS DailyShoes Round Hiking Shoelaces Strong Durable Vestigial Elian Demure Soren BTFVIAUAG

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